Caring for colored lenses is pretty much the same as for regular contacts. Most of these rules are common sense for anyone who has worn contacts before, however, if you are new to them, read on:

Lens Care Tips

Keep them clean! Every lens manufacturer has a recommended lens cleaning solution for the removal of protein build up. Not cleaning the lenses can lead to eye infections or poor vision, since a dirty lens is hard to see through. Also, with a colored lens, the hues can be dimmed or discolored through lack of cleaning.

Use only the manufacturer recommended cleaning solution(s), since the wrong one can also discolor or bleach the lens tint with some brands of lenses.

When ordering the lens, make sure that your prescription is up to date.There is no point in suffering through blurry or distorted vision just to have pretty eyes. An out of date prescription can lead to headaches, eye strain, irritation (and other problems) at best or can actually add permanently to your vision problems at the worst.

Use a saline solution to moisten your eyes. This will help avoid “dry-eye” syndrome and will help your eyes keep their natural balance of moisture and tears.

If you have problems with irritation and the problems persist, see your eye doctor. Eye irritations can be an indicator of a larger problem that needs looking after.

Know the lens type you are wearing and stick to it’s rules. If you have disposable contact lenses, dispose of them when the manufacturer or your eye doctor says you should. Learn the cleaning schedule for the lenses and stick to it.

Avoid sleeping with the lenses in. This rule is not as important as it once was, with the advent of extended wear lenses. However, there have been some who have had infection problems with these lens types so you might prefer to have a daily-wear prescription instead.