The first time I came heard about colored contacts, I wrote them off as just a passing fad. It seemed artificial and a bit silly to me then. Time has proven to me that these lenses are here to stay. Many eye doctors now offer affordable tinted lenses as a regular part of their eye care services.

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, what does changing the color of them signify? Are we, as a culture, losing our touch with our basic selves? I really don’t think so. I think we have simply have broader personal choices now, choices we could not have had before this point in history. We can now change our appearance as easily as we change a television channel. This means we are free to bring out the truest image of ourselves, as we see it to be.

Colored contact lenses do not offer long term heath problems; indeed they are a branching off of a time tested method of correcting vision. Conversely, invasive techniques such as plastic surgery simply do not compare in terms of cost, comfort or health risks. If you offered me the choice between using tinted lenses and having to put up with the pain, inconvenience and risk of even a simple surgical procedure, I would take the first option, hands down, thank you.

Adding to this is the ease of getting the lenses themselves. There are a number of companies that distribute lenses through opticians, optical clearing houses, mail order and online. Some of the better online retailers are found here.

The most important thing to remember about anything connected with self image: It is a matter of opinion and since it’s your image of yourself, yours is the opinion that counts.