How to Buy Colored Contact Lenses Online: Eye-Opening Tips

Colored contact lenses have long been popular amongst people who want or like to change their eye color, either for everyday wear, costume accessory, or a special occasion such as Halloween. Colored contact lenses can be purchased in-store or online and worn by virtually anyone, regardless of whether or not they actually have vision problems that necessitate visual correction.

With the recent surge in popularity of colored contacts, due in large part to the teen book and movie phenomenon ‘Twilight’, online companies selling colored contact lenses have popped up all over the web. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are reputable. Therefore, if you are in the market for a costume upgrade, or wish for the extra flair that a pair of colored contacts can add to your casual look, you might want to know how to buy colored contact lenses online. You are going to need to do a little homework before filling up your e-cart. Here are a few eye-opening tips to ensure that you get what you pay for when purchasing colored contact lenses on the web.

Get a Prescription
The first thing you need to know about buying colored contact lenses online is that you need a prescription. Yep, that’s right. Even if you do not actually require glasses or contacts due to a vision problem, you must get a prescription from an optometrist and send this information to the web store in order to purchase colored contact lenses. If the online retailer you are dealing with does not request a prescription, then you can be sure that they are not a reputable company and therefore, not worth your business or your time.

Check with the Better Business Bureau
Another good point on how to buy colored contact lenses online is to check with the Better Business Bureau in order to verify the e-tailer‘s legitimacy. A lot of consumers are unaware that the Better Business Bureau is a valuable resource for looking up online businesses as well as traditional ones; so do not hesitate – exercise caution. If the site gives you any reason to be suspicious, do some research to ensure that you do not get scammed by a fly-by-night online company.

Take your time
Although colored contact lenses are not the biggest purchase you will likely ever make, it is still frustrating to buy something (anything) and end up with a less than satisfactory product. Therefore, when thinking about how to buy colored contact lenses online, it is important to remind yourself to take your time in doing your research. There are many, many online retailers of colored contact lenses, and even more colors and styles to choose from including vampire, cat, zombie, and special effects lenses. So allow yourself plenty of time, and choose the web site and the pair of lenses that best fit your character and your budget.

Getting contact lenses online is like getting anything else online—it can be a very convenient and satisfactory experience, or it can be frustrating and a huge letdown. Knowing how to buy colored contact lenses online increases the chances that your experience will be a good one—that is, it promises that you will receive lenses that are not only attractive (or gruesome if you prefer), but also safe to wear and customized just for you.

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Colored vs Special Effects Lenses

Which type of lens is better?

I don’t think there is a “right” answer to this question that suits everyone. Like the lenses themselves, wearers’ reasons for choosing their type or brand of lens is unique to their personality and circumstances.

Since soft tinted contact lenses first became mainstream in the early eighties, the variety and choice of lenses has been slowly increasing as demand for unique shades and designs has gone up. Today, there is a lens design for just about any color you can imagine, and there are those you would never have thought would have anything to do with the human eye in the first place.

Another area that began to get popular with the drop in price was special effect contact lenses (SFX for short). SFX lenses have been used in movies, television and theatre for years, but for a long time they were expensive and required special care to avoid damage or fading.

The two types of lenses share a few things in common: both are tinted lenses and both need regular cleaning to preserve their appearance and comfort level when worn.

The differences between the two is that colored lenses tend more often to be soft, while special effects lenses are likely to be of the hard or rigid variety. This is because the colors used in an SFX lens are more vulnerable to bleaching and the effects of time, so the materials of a hard lens, makes a better platform to build upon.

If you find rigid lenses hard to tolerate, you may decide to stick with tinting your eyes instead of a wild SFX effect. The important thing is to get a result that you like with a comfortable fit and no eye irritation.

Another deciding factor is what purpose you are wearing the lenses for. If you are looking to wear the lenses to an office job, you’ll likely want to stay with a simple tinting (excluding Halloween parties and such.) For a night out where you intend to do some serious attention getting at a bar or industrial club, the sky is the limit.

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